The myPennMedicine application is for the patients of myPennMedicine. They will get an easy and secure access to their personal and medical details.  The application contains every bit of detail you need access to the details like test results, doctor’s recommendations, purchase and recharge requests, appointment schedule and much more including syncing your Apple health tracking device with myPennMedicine login. myPennMedicine


The official website for myPennMedicine is www.myPennMedicine.com you can use this website to reach out to your healthcare team. 

myPennMedicine Portal Registration Process

The myPennMedicine is an important website portal for Penn transplant institute management and staff members as the website helps them to communicate with transplant patients at this critical stage. The patients can have a secure non urgent medical query conversation and they can also check and analyse their test results, get details of their appointments and also can request their prescription refills. To get all these benefits the patients will have to first sign up with myPennMedicine portal. The signing up procedure is not difficult at all the instructions are given below:- 

  1. First you will have to visit the official myPennMedicine portal at www.mypennmedicine.com
  2. You will have to click on “activate account” option
  3. Then you will have to enter your myPennMedicine activation code if you don’t have one you will have to click on the link “you need an activation code”
  4. Further to get your activation code you will have to fill the online form
  5. You will receive your activation code via email and you can complete your account registration further myPennMedicine-steps

myPennMedicine Login Procedure 

If you have successfully activated your account on the official portal of myPennMedicine then you can now sign in to your account and avail the benefits that are offered by the myPennMedicine portal. You can have a look at the steps given below to sign into your account:- 

  1. First you will have to visit the official website at www.mypennmedicine.com 
  2. You will have to click on the “login” option
  3. You will be redirected to a new page and ask for your login credentials
  4. Then you have to enter your login credentials and tap on “login” option
  5. You have now accessed your account and you can view your account and access all the benefits offered

Why myPennMedicine? 

The myPennMedicine portal allows the users to keep a track of their details and their medical history wherever they are and whenever they needed this official portal will provide them instant access to their details when they need it:-  

  • The personal medical details will be available to you through the portal 24/7
  • Your medication list and health summaries will be attached with your account
  • You can inquire about the details regarding your prescriptions, medical preferences and pre-certifications
  • Also, you can view your laboratory test results or other test results easily

myPennMedicine Requirements 

 The my pain medicine portal is not compatible with Internet explorer 10 more the newer versions you can use the Internet Explorer recommended below

  •  Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 52.x and higher 
  • Safari 9+ on Mac 
  • Google Chrome 52.x and higher

myPennMedicine Features 

The most easiest and efficient way to manage your healthcare online is with myPennMedicine, it is convenient and flexible to share your health details the primary features of myPennMedicine are:- 

Schedule appointments more easily:-  You can easily book your slot and get your appointments you will just have to filter by location and provider to get your appointment options that are actually right for you you can also save your favourite appointments for quick rescheduling.

Previous diary:- This is a new added feature to myPennMedicine portal this feature allows you to change your current contact details and your medication details. Also you can change your allergies and health problems if necessary before visit.

More health records in one place:- You can link your account with myChart account that offers you to check your health records with other organisations in one place.

Regular notifications:- If you feel myPennMedicine should manage your healthcare you can choose different ways on how they can contact you with different types of notifications the official website of myPennMedicine believes in keeping their clients or patients updated regarding their medical news, their medical check ups or reports at regular intervals. 

Updated personal details:- The contact page of myPennMedicine has been replaced by personal information page where the patient can add information to their profile they can also include emergency contacts, sexual orientation and gender identity. The organisation believes in one thumb rule “The better we know you the better we can take care of you.”  


If you are facing any issue and need some sort of support from myPennMedicine, then please follow the official contact channels only. (Official Link)

You can also Call the myPennMedicine system administrator at >> 866-614-7606.

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